Natalie is the author of two major books, her novel, The Amber Fury and the non-fiction work, The Ancient Guide To Modern Life.

Natalie has contributed an essay to An Atheist's Guide To Christmas, profits of which go to the Terrence Higgins Trust. She also wrote an essay for Serenity Found, a book about Joss Whedon's television show, Firefly, edited by Jane Espenson, which was published in autumn 2007 by BenBella Books. Her entries on subjects from Agatha Christie to EF Benson can be found in Cassell's Little Black Book Of Books, published in Autumn 2007.

Natalie's first novel, The Great Escape, was published by Simon & Schuster in September 2007. It won a PETA Proggy award for Best Animal-Friendly Children's Book in 2008.

She is currently working on a new book, this time for adults.